PHASE 2a (click to enlarge)


Police Station

Parking Lot



Academic Transfer Building
100,000 SF New Construction

Final Master Plan Site Development

Various site improvements including the Quad Cafe

Theater Addition
20,000 SF New Construction



Satellite Campus
60,000 SF in the North portion of the Taxing Area

Public Services Addition

8,000 SF Addition and
10,000 SF Renovation

Campus Technology
A variety of technology projects throughout the campus

College Services
15,000 SF New Construction

Lab School
12,500 SF New Construction

Firing Range Renovation
4,000 SF Renovation

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Industrial Careers
65,000 SF New Construction

Industrial Education Renovation

21,000 SF Renovation

Welding Renovation
5,000 SF Addition with
8,000 SF of Renovation

Fine Arts Addition
20,000 SF Renovation and
4,000 SF Addition

PHASE 5a (click to enlarge)


Welcome Center
60,000 SF New Construction

Student Services

22,000 SF of Major Renovation

Administration Renovation
22,000 SF Renovation

Learning Resource Center
30,000 SF Renovation


Technical Vocational Building
Demolition of Existing Building

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PHASE 5b (click to enlarge)


STEM / Health
80,000 SF New Construction

Physical Education Renovation

42,500 SF Renovation and
30,000 SF Dome Re-Roof Project

Math / Science Renovation
25,000 SF Renovation

Campus MEP Infrastructure
Multiple infrastructure projects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing throughout campus

Campus Parking Projects
Multiple Parking Lot replacements around campus to improve drainage

Campus Demolitions
Multiple Demolitions around campus

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PHASE 2b (click to enlarge)

FINAL SITE PLAN (click to enlarge)