COM Bond 2023

Forward Momentum

Meeting the Education and Workforce Training Demands in Our Community

The COM Bond 2023 is Phase 2 of the COMPASS 2025 Master Plan created to propel our communities forward. Aimed at meeting the booming regional demand for higher education and workforce training, we will continue to create better jobs, reduce crime and ensure prosperity for decades to come.

Together, we will continue building on the successes of the recently completed 2018 Phase I. Please take a few minutes to learn more so that you can make your vote with confidence!

New Construction, New Opportunities

Building on the on-time and under budget momentum of Phase 1, COM Bond 2023 includes a blend of new construction and renovations to existing facilities. These additions create affordable, best-in-class educational opportunities for students, workers and all residents in our communities.

Together, We Will Create Better Futures!

Phase 1 projects were completed on time and under budget

Building on a History of Educational Success

Phase 1, which was completed on time and under budget, included newly constructed buildings that provide collaborative, technologically advanced learning environments. These modern facilities are serving students in in-demand career fields such as nursing, pharmacy tech, engineering, and petrochemical operations — just to name a few.

Percent of students attending a two-year college remain there to grow the economy

Higher Paying Jobs, Higher Quality of Life

Creating affordable best-in class education opportunities for students of any income level raises the standard of living for the entire community. This leads to better jobs, lower crime, and higher home values for everyone. Data shows that 68% of alumni from 2-year colleges remain in the area, so supporting a college near you increases prosperity in the whole region.

Per Year on a home valued at $100,000, less exemptions

Low Tax Increase Today, High Long-term Reward

Improving our region’s economic outlook for decades to come does not come at a high cost to our individual tax payers. In fact, COM Bond 2023 costs only 63 cents a week or $33 per year on a home valued at $100,000 less exemptions. The future benefits however, will create lasting rewards for decades to come.

Watch Our Campus Flythrough Animation to See the Future of Education